Month: July 2018


My husband and I were thrilled with the interior design work that Tamsin Mascetti and her team did for us. Tamsin has been the creative leader of three projects for us at two different houses, including two kitchens, a family room, a living room, a dining room, a foyer, and interior paint and hardwood floor selection throughout our house.

Tamsin sets herself apart as an interior designer in three essential ways. First, she has a terrific personality and is just a joy to interact with, even on a stressful project. I never feel like she is talking down to me or bullying me into a design choice that isn’t right for me or my budget. Rather, I feel like she does an excellent job of learning who her clients are and what their tastes are, and encouraging them to enjoy the design process with her easy going personality and positive outlook. Second, she is consistently reliable when she estimates both projected cost and timing for a project. Tamsin takes the guesswork out of a project – she does not over promise, rather, she gives helpful, candid and reliable advice that make budgeting and planning so much easier for a project. Third, she understands the realities of working on a budget and constantly blows us away with her ability to narrow in on the design elements that will make a significant impact and thus deserve a larger share of the budget, and areas where costs can easily be saved. There is not a doubt in my mind that she has not only saved us thousands of dollars, even taking into account her fee, but she has guided us to a design result that we never would have come close to realizing without her help.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. It is a joy to me to walk in my house and see the difference Tamsin and her colleagues have made. I wish I had given up on the notion that I needed to figure out interior design all by myself much sooner and enlisted her help sooner, so I could have enjoyed her work years ago!