Month: August 2014


Seeking a designer for our new bar location I knew would be a challenge under our current circumstances. We had met with so many designers in our area but found disappointment when it came to their definition of elegance , warmth, and a romantic environment. Then I had an opportunity to meet the people at Tamsin Design Group. WOW! What a difference immediately. They verbally understand my vision as if I was not the only one. Took it and showed me samples and product to fit my every desire.

WOW again! Their knowledge in the industry and actually being trained and educated in design was a huge sale for me. On top of the fact that the renderings and design plans came back “spot on”. Most people “rant and rave” about whats not right with a situation. I promise I will “rant & rave” with what is right about this situation! Tamsin Design’s Groups professionalism, working with my staff and the positive comments I have heard from them are outstanding! I recommend this agency no matter where in the world your located! They are great!