My husband and I were thrilled with the interior design work that Tamsin Mascetti and her team did for us. Tamsin has been the creative leader of three projects for us at two different houses, including two kitchens, a family room, a living room, a dining room, a foyer, and interior paint and hardwood floor selection throughout our house.

Tamsin sets herself apart as an interior designer in three essential ways. First, she has a terrific personality and is just a joy to interact with, even on a stressful project. I never feel like she is talking down to me or bullying me into a design choice that isn’t right for me or my budget. Rather, I feel like she does an excellent job of learning who her clients are and what their tastes are, and encouraging them to enjoy the design process with her easy going personality and positive outlook. Second, she is consistently reliable when she estimates both projected cost and timing for a project. Tamsin takes the guesswork out of a project – she does not over promise, rather, she gives helpful, candid and reliable advice that make budgeting and planning so much easier for a project. Third, she understands the realities of working on a budget and constantly blows us away with her ability to narrow in on the design elements that will make a significant impact and thus deserve a larger share of the budget, and areas where costs can easily be saved. There is not a doubt in my mind that she has not only saved us thousands of dollars, even taking into account her fee, but she has guided us to a design result that we never would have come close to realizing without her help.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. It is a joy to me to walk in my house and see the difference Tamsin and her colleagues have made. I wish I had given up on the notion that I needed to figure out interior design all by myself much sooner and enlisted her help sooner, so I could have enjoyed her work years ago!

Kristen Hite

I hired Tamsin Design Group on the recommendation of my realtor. We had just purchased a big, old house and a lot of my décor from my previous home just wouldn’t be a good fit. I loved Tamsin and Jackie immediately, which was a good sign, and the whole process was wonderful. They were able to work with some pieces that I had and knew I wanted to keep, were able to design around a budget that was limited, and were able to tap into what we liked and find a style that fit the needs of our family perfectly. There were involved in every step of the process- from choosing window coverings to heading into the field to help choose carpet for stair runners, from going shopping with me to accessorize the rooms once the furniture was in, from answering a million emails and texts asking for an opinion of some treasure (or non-treasure!) that I found and wanted their opinions on. I can’t wait until I am able to call Tamsin and say, “Let’s do the whole upstairs!”. Until then I am just grateful for their help in creating a home that we absolutely love.


I have used Tamsin for several projects at my house and I think that she is fantastic. She has a modern sensibility (unlike my prior designer who was stuck in the Waverly era) and balances esthetic with functionality. She is flexible too – she will design an entire room and go shopping with you to pick things out or will even just hang pictures (in a cool grouping) or shelves on the wall if that is what you need. She has done amazing work for some friends as well. She is very easy to work with – she gets a sense of what you want, gives you a design, and then helps you through the process – letting you make the ultimate decisions but helping to guide you with thoughtful advice. She also do a great idea of blending the male and female feel/desires for a space.

Sean O’Brien

Simply put, PERFECT. I met Tamsin and her associate for the first time and in less then a 20 – 30 min. meeting the project was set. The expectations were high especially from my two teens, but as a single father, the key word was budget. Tamsin Design group delivered beyond all of our expectations, transformed some of our space beyond what we thought it could be. I would recommend TDG to anyone for any project.

Sarah Stock

I had the pleasure of working with Tamsin on a few design projects for my home. She was amazing, very helpful, responsive, and did an overall great job. I plan to use Tamsin Design Group for my future design projects.

Mehlman Homes Realty

As a custom home builder, one of, if not the most important elements to the construction puzzle is the homeowner’s designer. Tamsin and her team at Tamsin Design Group, absolutely knocked the ball out of the park on our project, not only for us as the builder, but also for the homeowner.

One of Tamsin’s real strengths is her knowledge of the residential construction process. This is something that is rare among many designers but is so critical to a projects success.

Additionally, any home builder will tell you that three of the most important traits among a designer are that they are:
1) Responsive
2) Make themselves available for last minute meetings
3) Has the ability to communicate clearly with her clients so that decisions can be made quickly
Tamsin and her group excel at all three of these.

Finally, no designer can be successful without having good taste (duh!). Well, Tamsin has an impeccable design eye and a style that translates to anyone’s design preferences.


Tamsin and her group are a class act. It’s easy to find a designer when you want to throw them the reigns and a big budget. It’s not always so easy to find a designer when you have your own strong opinions or a smaller budget. Tamsin helped my son find pieces to bring his “college” apartment up to speed as a “bachelor” apartment. He wanted to pick pieces that would have longevity towards the place he would eventually buy. She helped him change his furniture layout, met him at a store that was some distance away ( because it had the brand of furniture he wanted to purchase) to choose leather options. She made several recommendations incorporating them all on 2 different mood boards to help him see how it would all look together. While he didn’t choose all her suggestions it helped him to find his style and make choices over time to make the place his. She didn’t have any attitude when he selected items that were not at stores where she had accounts or connections. When he had questions that were time sensitive she was very quick to message or email even on weekends. Project was 7k.

Melissa Hoefer

Tamsin was amazing from start to finish with every detail of our project. She was amazing with colors, lighting, tile and just overall feel and comfort keeping in mind attention to detail and budget. She was flexible with our schedules and helped to make our selections as seamless as possible. We love our new kitchen and bar area. We are so grateful for Tamsin’s eye for design. We couldn’t be more pleased with our finished product.

K. Travers

Tamsin and Rachel worked with us for over 2 years through the planning, construction and then the designing of our new home. One or both of them were always available to meet with us or for us and they made us feel as if we were their main priority. If we were told along the way that something was not possible or couldn’t be done, Tamsin and Rachel fought for us to make it happen. There was so much ‘behind the scene’ work done by them that we were not even aware of until after it was taken care of. Our style quickly became their style as they were so good at understanding our likes, dislikes, etc… Tamsin and Rachel have become much more than designers to us and we will strongly recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Mike Beck

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tamsin on numerous projects and am delighted with the results. She brings a truly professional attitude to each project and has an incredible sense of style. What I appreciate most about her is how she constantly looks out for her customers. She will not let any substandard work or product slide; she keeps me on my toes and the final result shows her attention to detail.