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As a custom home builder, one of, if not the most important elements to the construction puzzle is the homeowner’s designer. Tamsin and her team at Tamsin Design Group, absolutely knocked the ball out of the park on our project, not only for us as the builder, but also for the homeowner.

One of Tamsin’s real strengths is her knowledge of the residential construction process. This is something that is rare among many designers but is so critical to a projects success.

Additionally, any home builder will tell you that three of the most important traits among a designer are that they are:
1) Responsive
2) Make themselves available for last minute meetings
3) Has the ability to communicate clearly with her clients so that decisions can be made quickly
Tamsin and her group excel at all three of these.

Finally, no designer can be successful without having good taste (duh!). Well, Tamsin has an impeccable design eye and a style that translates to anyone’s design preferences.

Mehlman Homes Realty