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St. Louis Design Hall of Fame

Tamsin Mascetti has 20 years of design expertise and is the owner and principal interior designer at her firm, Tamsin Design Group. After receiving a B.S. in interior design from the University of Missouri, Mascetti worked at various firms in the design industry including Edwin Pepper Interiors. Prior to founding her own design group in 2007 in St. Louis, Mascetti had her own design firm in Chicago, specializing in rehabbing homes. Tamsin grew up in St. Louis, and, because of that, she has always placed high importance on nurturing local talent through mentorship and supporting the community. Tamsin Design Group has evolved over the past decade, establishing itself as an award-winning design firm, specializing in high-end, custom builds.

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St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles Magazine Featured Article

St Louis Homes and Lifestyles Article: Man of the House

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Ladue News Elements: A Living Room With History

Design Elements: A Living Room with History

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Historic Charm Meets Contemporary – St. Louis Homes and Lifestyle

A Lafayette Square kitchen combines a contemporary look with historic features.

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St.Louis Homes and Lifestyles Featured Article

Color Connoisseur

Tamsin Mascetti, owner and designer at Tamsin Design Group, shows you how incorporating color can be fun and stimulating to any space.

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Fall Decor featured in Studio 3 Magazine

Ladue News: Designers of the 2013 Show House

elegant living fall 2013

LN selected some of St. Louis’ best designers to work on the upcoming 2013 Show House. Beginning this week, we’ll introduce the most talented design teams behind the third annual Show House at #23 Lenox Place, which will be open to the public Oct. 5 through Oct. 20.

Tamsin Design group is featured in Ladue News in their show & tell article.

How do you know when a room is complete?

You have finished a room when you feel happy and comfortable in the space at that time… but, I also feel that a space is constantly evolving, and therefore is never really complete.

What is your dream project?

To be honest, my dream project would be one that has no design boundaries, allows me a complete creative license and has an unlimited budget!

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St. Louis Magazine: Table Tops Spring Event

10th Annual Table Tops Spring Event:

This event was a amazing and we were happy to be a part of it!

Designers of Ladue News Show House 2014

We’re honored to be a part of the 2014 Ladue News Show House!


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